Reusable and flexible, patented ONE-WRAP®brand self-gripping fasteners are a unique back-to-back fastening system.
ONE-WRAP®brand straps wrap around objects to be bundled or controlled, and then the remaining strap tip attaches back onto itself for a neat and secure closure without buckles or hardware. ONE-WRAP®brand straps can be slit, perforated and die-cut to meet specific requirements.



Available in both Pre-Cut Strap and custom length as per your specification

Available widths for custom length








Due to different sizes and resolutions of monitors, the measurements and dimensions of images shown are for reference and comparison only. The actual measurements are listed underneath the images.

    Pre-Cut Straps
Available Sizes:
3/4" x 5"
3/4" x 6"
3/4" x 8"
3/4" x 12"
3/4" x 18"
1" x 8"
1" x 12"

(HTH 888)

Features a polyethylene hook laminated to a nylon loop without the use of an adhesive.
Available colors
(HTH 889)

A flame retardant version of ONE-WRAP®technology. This product meets:

  • UL (Underwriter's Laboratory) requirements for a rating of 94-V2

  • MVSS 302

  • FAR 25.853 Appendix F Part 1 (a) (1) (i) Vertical (60 second burn)

  • FAR 25.853 Appendix F Part 1 (a) (1) (ii) Vertical (12 second burn

   Available colors
Slight color variations may occur between hook and loop and between dye lots. Additionally, color samples shown on this website may differ slightly due to different types of monitors being used for viewing.

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